Monday, July 26, 2010

DHL as rapists of already murdered victims: Confirmed. Boycott DHL!

You can read again about this whole ordeal we had to contend with here:

Another thing here is, in addition to my three earlier posts, that DHL told us, before we agreed to paying those SCAM payments, that they have paid the customs 1,500+ pesos and that they will give us the receipt for the payment of such.  Liars!  The customs receipt was only around 900+ pesos!

I heard from other complaints that fees you pay to DHL for "customs charges" are larger than through other carriers.  (Refer to links I posted in the earlier posts.)

I will lobby to Amazon against the use of DHL as courier for future shipments to the Philippines.  They are abusive.  They are liars.  They are thieves.  They are rapists of victims already murdered by the Customs!  These people have no soul, no heart, no responsibility, selfish, no sympathy.  Maybe because they are not a Filipino company?  And they demand the same steal-from-(your-fellow-)Filipinos attitude from their Filipino employees?

Boycott DHL!  Never, ever again.  Their reputation to me is beyond reparation.  I don't know about you.